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Alliance Leveling Guide - Part 2: Items, Your Backpack and vendors

As you finish up with Officer Willem and you look around you will see some wagons and non player characters standing around. They are vendors and you can buy and sell things from them. Often times you can do other things like repair armor too. These vendors are located all over the world of Azeroth and they have many functions. You will seek them out for their specialized abililties to help you. For now lets go take a quick peek so you get a feel for the interaction with a vendor.

Over there on the left of the screen is the wagon and the vendors. Run over there and take a look.

Brother Danil

Run over to Brother Danil and right click on him so you can see what he has to offer.







Brother Danil Wares

Brother Danil's Wares - A screen pops up showing the things that he has to offer. If you have the copper to buy them then you can click on them and buy them. There are many many things you can buy from lots of vendors - if you have the gold to buy them.

You can also sell stuff to Danil. Whenever you get extra stuff you will want to save it into your backpack then sell it off to the vendors. It's a great way to raise money.


At the bottom right of the screen you see the little backpack icon. Clicking on this will open the pack so you can see the contents. You can also see four empty backpack slots. As you find or buy more packs you can put them in these slots so you can carry even more stuff.

backpack open

Here is the backpack opened. You have four pieces of meat to eat and your hearthstone that will return you to your home. This pack will fill up with all kinds of good stuff and before long you will have lots of packs and even bigger packs that will hold more things.



Take a look at the various vendors and see what they have to offer. You will find food, weapons, armor and all sorts of things. Of course you don't have any money yet but that will come. Let's start with the questing and lets kill some beasts!

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Netherwing Mount

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