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Marabella made an adventure into the New Instance Zul'aman on the first day of release and it was rather fun.


Nalorakk - The first boss in Zul'Aman

Here is a screen shot of marabella with the first boss after he was downed.

Only one good drop of a fisted item called "Rage"

It was an interesting fight and we wiped once before we were successful. Definitely a two tank fight where you have to share the aggro back and forth.

An interesting new thing about the Zul' Aman instance is that the bosses are on timers. A timer triggers before you get to the boss and you have to fight all his trash mobs then down him within a certain amount of time> And if you do, you get access to a chest that has even more stuff in it. We didn't down this boss in time but that's ok. We were just learning what to do.

We made our way to the second boss but never got to him. Was an interesting first couple of hours in the new dungeon and I will keep you posted on further adventures.






Netherwing Mount

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