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Delicious Chocolate Cake


This recipe is one of the rewards you get from doing the daily cooking quests given by The Rokk in Shattrath.

Delicious Chocolate Cake Recipe

The Delicious Chocolate Cake Recipe Takes 8 simple flour, 4 ice cold milk, 4 mild spices, 8 small eggs and 3 Mageroyal.

For the less familiar ingredients you can get the flask of port from Roberto Puppellyverbos in the Gallina Winery in Stormwind. The simple flour can be had from several vendors including Drake Lindgren who is in the Inn in Westfall.

And while you are in Westfall go east and southeast of the tower and farm the fleshrippers and greater fleshrippers for the 8 eggs you need. If you are not an herbalist you can get the mageroyal in the auction house.

Delicious Chocolate Cake

Once you eat the cake fireworks will shoot out of you! It's a riot and whatever else this recipe does I have no clue!



Very Happy

The tooltip says you will be Very Happy and you Feel Great for 1 hour.





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