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The Burning Crusade Expansion

The Burning Crusade World Of Warcraft Burning Crusade Collector's Edition

If you have been reading my blog you know that somebody gave me a free subscription to Warcraft about a month ago. I have been squeezing some time in the evening to play and I have been thoroughly enjoying it.

The progenesis for the big todo about warcraft was my writing of the blog post about the warcraft episode of SouthPark (which is the single funniest 30 minutes I have ever seen on TV) But a couple of things about Warcraft, I have played a lot of online games and I was playing ultima online before most people even had computers, I ahve played Final Fantasy online, Shadowbane, Knight online, runescape, Eternal Lands and others. And warcraft is the best.

They have really put some thought into making the game better and the big thing they addressed was the endless level grind. This was the worst part of online gaming for me and if you are an online gamer you know what I mean ! What warcraft does is have a seriously extensive list of quests to complete and you can have a list of quests as long as 25 that you can work on. These quests vary considerably and as you go about completing them you stop and realize that you are leveling! What a big change to the leveling grind. About PVP - I am not a fan of PVP (Player-vs-Player) combat. But lately I have been doing some PVP on Warcraft, and I have been enjoying it! Just as in leveling Warcraft has done a nice job with really thinking about how to make PVP a fun experience - and it is! And the pvp itself awards you honor points which can be used to buy weapons and armor in the game (some nice stuff too!)

Another solution to the Online Gaming Problem - Another big thing about online games is the level cap. THis is where you get to the highest level and then you really have nowhere to go from there. Warcraft seems to have nicely handled this problem in that their new expansion release The Burning Crusade allows you to go from the current cap of level 60 to the new cap of level 70! I think this is great and of course you have to buy the expansion but I consider it to be well worth it! And I can't see any reason why next year they put out an expansion that will allow you to get to 80. About Solo Playing Warcraft - I am a big solo player, I love to play solo and it is totally doable for %90 of the time in Warcraft. Occasionally I group with other people to conquer the tougher quests and this is perfect for my style of play. About all this stuff - Is it no wonder that there are 8 Million subscribers to this game? If you are looking for a great online game to play then Warcraft is it!

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