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The Warcraft Pod


I had most of the materials I needed including the two computers and some sheetrock and lumber but I ended up going to the home depot and buying a dozen 2x3's to build the frame so the actual out of pocket cost for me was about eighteen dollars! I would have to say that the biggest part of this project is the two computer and router set up. I thought it was important to have two computers so I could look up information about quests, maps and other stuff without using the game playing computer. I already had the router so this wasn't a problem. And the secondary computer is an older one and not very fast but that is not much of an obstacle I don't use it to play so it serves the purpose just fine.


I just sketched out some basic plans on a pad then went ahead and started to build it. The most important thing for me was that it would be comfortable with enough leg and head room. So I placed the bucket seat right within the frame from the very beginning. This way I could sit and get a feel for how roomy it would be.

You can see that my cat quickly took a liking to the pod!





No matter how much sawing and drilling I did he just sat there!

And now that the pod is done he climbs in through the section with the computers and takes a nap on the seat! I really think he wants to play warcraft; and I have my suspicions that at night while I am sleeping he is playing!






warcraft pod completed

Here is the completed Pod. The walls are sheetrock, The top is a nice sheet of wood and the door is made out of paneling. You can see the mini fridge sticking out the far end.

Of course I have the do not disturb sign up!







warcraft computer setup

The Computer set-up.

Here is a shot of the set up of the computers. It's a really easy configuration with one fast computer and one older computer that are both connected into a router so they each have internet access.

The space underneath is where the cat crawls through to make me think he is going to nap on the bucket seat - but I really know that he is playing warcraft.




Thoughts about the Warcraft Project

I am not a hardcore warcraft gamer. I usually play for an hour or two in the evening after work but I really do enjoy the pod! And I had a friend tell me, after he saw this project, that I really needed to get a girlfriend! But you know she is going to make me either tear it apart or move it down into the basement! Maybe I should make this a two seater and get her into playing!! That is if my cat doesn't mind!

One of these days I am actually going to order a pizza right from inside and when the delivery person comes I am going to make him come into the house and knock on the pod door to deliver it right to my seat! Now that's the ultimate gamers lifestyle.


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