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Three Gallon Carboy

There is a basic decision that you have to make if you are a beginner mead maker. That is what size batch you should make. Typically mead makers make batches in a five or six gallon glass carboy. And this is a pretty standard thing. But if you are a beginner you are no doubt thinking that fifteen to eighteen pounds of honey is quite expensive! And you are right, it is rather expensive especially if you get a high quality honey.


You do have the option of making a one gallon batch which is kind of nice and this will keep your honey costs down but in the end the most you will get out of it is four bottles of mead.

So, there is a common alternative that is available now - the three gallon carboy. It is a good compromise and you should be able to get a full case of mead out of it. And a three gallon carboy is less expensive than the 5. Anyhoo, amazon. com now carries three gallon carboys. Yay!

3 gallon glass carboy

3 Gallon Glass Carboy for Beer or Wine Making


Here are the stoppers and airlocks that will fit with this carboy.


Drilled Rubber Stopper (Carboy Bung Sets of 3)



Twin Bubble Airlock and Carboy Bung (Pack of 2)

Already have gallon jugs? You can keep the price of mead making down even further here by just buying a pair of airlocks and bungs.


I also have plenty more supplies here: Mead Making Supplies and Equipment



Clear Mead

New: What does clear mead look like and how do you clarify your mead?

If you are new to mead making you might be sure what a clear mead looks like - or how to clarify your mead. I have good advice for you here including a video showing mead clearing up. I also have three products you can use to quickly clear up your mead. Clear mead and clarifying mead

Bottles of Metheglin

Make a peach or pineapple fruit mead

If you have always wanted to make a fruit mead (melomel) you might want to check this tutorial out. I take you through the whole process from start to finish including bottling. Make a Peach or Pineapple Melomel