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Would you like to learn how to make mead?

Mead is Magnificent. It is a delicious drink made from honey. And it is the stuff of legend. But it can be difficult to find.

Imagine going down to the local liquor store looking for mead and not finding any. That is a common occurrence. Mead is not easy to find. There are thousands of wines, beers and liquors taking up all the counter space.

This is exactly what happened to me fifteen years ago. I wanted to try some mead and I couldn't get any. None of my local stores carried it. I called a dozen different places and still couldn't get it. Well, I am a hands on kind of person so I decided I would make it myself.

This launched me on a life long passion of mead making. I have made thousands of bottles of mead using all kinds of recipes. And I posted my very first mead making video to youtube in 2007! Right here:

And now I have three dozen videos showing you all aspects of mead making. You can see them all right here:

Mead making brings me a sense of satisfaction. I love making things myself. And I love making mead. It is an old fashioned art.

And there is nothing like opening up a bottle of it and sharing it with family and friends. And telling them that I made it myself.

And you can make it yourself too.

I have written an easy to understand ebook on how to make mead. It takes all my years of mead making, and all the things I have learned, and it pares it down into simple steps that will get you quickly and easily making mead. This ebook takes all the frustration and worry out of mead making. And it will give you the confidence to get started right away.

(Sample pages from the ebook shown on right)

Don't know what tools and accessories to get? I tell you exactly what to get. I give you links to purchase exact items on if you need to buy stuff. (Although you really don't need to buy much. A jug, a stopper, a dollar airlock and some yeast. That's almost everything. And amazon has kits for a little more than ten dollars. The most expensive thing is the honey.






Don't be this guy! He didn't tried to rob a beehive to get honey for mead making.



  • Get the satisfaction of making your own delicious honey wine and sharing it with your friends and family.
  • People will be amazed and before you know it you will be showing them how to make their own mead.
  • Written in easy to understand language with an explanation of any technical terms like airlock and carboy.
  • You are guided step by step what to do and when to do it.
  • Clear list of the equipment you need
  • Fully illustrated with pictures of actual batches of mead I have made



Stacey: "Your books are great, read them through before we started the Orange Clove Mead. It looks like it's cookin'. I have a 4+ gallon batch and will eventually fill my 3 gallon carboy. I thought I would experiment and add some blackberries to the remainder. "

Tim: "Just wanted to let you know, I bought your books last winter and made your orange blossom mead in January. Racked it again today and it is wonderful!!! I can't imagine what it will be like at a year."

Here is what Phil has to say:

"I just wanted to say thanks to you, your website, and your videos on making mead! I finally popped the bottle, after thinking about making mead for 30 years, and started my first various batches! Yeah, I'm a late bloomer! Anyway, here are a couple of photos of what I've got going on."

Mead being fermented Four jugs of fermenting mead


Key Value

You can spend hours going through web pages, watching videos, and still be trying to figure out how to make mead. Or you can print up this ebook and easily refer to it. It tells you exactly what to get. And you follow the easy steps right on your kitchen counter top. This ebook is all that you need.


Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee

This is my website. I have been running it for almost twenty years now. I am going nowhere! I stand behind my ebook and I give a 30 day money back, no questions asked money back guarantee. Just send me an email and I will refund your money with no questions asked. And the whole process of purchase is done through the paypal portal which gives you their guarantee on top of mine.

My email:


Get Started Making Mead Today


It takes several months for a batch of mead to mature and be ready for drinking. And you are going to invest money into buying honey and other materials. You want your batch of mead to go right. You don't want it to be a month down the road when you discover you did something wrong My ebooks will help you get it right. Remember: Having the right information is always the most important thing.

I will give you the confidence and know-how to get making some mead right away. And just for a few dollars.

I have four different books for you to choose from. Two ebooks that you can download right now, a kindle book you can get in the kindle store, and a paperback book available on if you are an old fashioned book owner like me!

About the purchases: The Amazon books are made through the amazon website and normal process. And the ebooks you can download now are through paypal and the paypal website so fully guaranteed.



eBook - Buy and download right now:

Make mead ebook

The Easy Guide to Making Mead Successfully (pdf 20 Pages) - This is a downloadable ebook for $19.95.

This book is for beginners who have never made mead and want to start with an easy batch of basic mead.

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eBook - Buy and download right now:



How to make a fruit mead melomel (pdf 27 pages) - This is a little bit more advanced because it shows you how to make mead with fruit. It is a downloadable ebook for $24.95.

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Kindle Book Available immediately on Amazon:

Book How to Make a Batch of mead

This is a no-nonsense easy guide to making a one gall on batch of mead. And one gallon is a good place to start. It keeps your expenses down and it yields four bottles of wine. You can get it in the kindle store.




The Secret Art of Mead Making RevealedMy paperback Book on Mead Making
(The Secret Art of Mead Making Revealed)

I have ebooks above if you want to get off to a quick start in mead making but some people really prefer a regular book and I have one of those too. Read more about it here and you can order it from And as usual for me this is a small, no nonsense book that takes the approach of showing you in easy terms how to make mead.