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Meaderies of the World

When I first started making Mead I am pretty sure there were no actual Meaderies in the United States. There were some overseas, in Europe and other countries. But Mead here was too specialized.

There were however some wineries that also made mead.

Nowadays, all these years later, and with the advent of the craft brewing revolution there are lots of small meaderies. Yay! And because of the internet you can buy mead from a whole lot of them.


If you are involved with a meadery or know about one that is not on my list be sure to tell me about it! My contact email is:

Will also visiting meaderies in America. He will list them here as he visits them.

Maine Mead Works - Portland Maine

Will visits Maine Mead Works in Portland Maine



Earle Estates Meadery -

Will visits this meadery in Penn Yan New York



LilliBelle Meads -

Will visits this meadery just outside of Buffalo NY







Meaderies in the United States (listed alphabetically)


International Meaderies



Mead Making kit - Wonderful and inexpensive way to get started in mead making. All you need to add is honey and water.





The Secret Art of Mead Making Revealed - Mead is not difficult to make and you can brew up your first batch in an hour. All it really takes is water, honey, and yeast. And this book is a clearly written guide to how to do it.

It has clear step by step directions on how to make five different types of mead including a spice mead, a fruit mead, a plain honey flavored mead and even a sparkling mead.

The book includes a short history of mead, a look at the different types and flavors you can make, a guide to the equipment needed (which isn't much), and a frequently asked questions section.

Mead is a drink that has been shrouded in mystery for centuries but now the secret to how to easily make it has been revealed in this book.