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A Rare and Spectacular Bottle of Mead

Wow, I got an email from somebody who came across a 38 year old bottle of mead. I am astonished and excited about this. I asked him to fill me in on the details and to send me some pictures and he has!! If you are a mead fan you have got to check this out. This is a signed and numbered bottle of mead!


Lindisfarme mead
(more pics down the page)

If you know anything about this mead, the meadery or can offer any insight into this bottle It would be greatly appreciated. You can send me an email. I, and the owner of the bottle are also interested in knowing whether or not it is of any value to collectors. You can see by the picture that this is a special mead and it has a beautiful aged color.

Here is what the Bottle label says: ( I can't quite read it all so there are some spaces)

This special reserve mead will probably never be repeated as it was produced from the fermentation of 100% pure honey. Holy Island Water and herbs.Mead fermentation was allowed to continue for 2 years producing a natural strength of 24.2 % proof spirit. The mead was laid down in casks in 1970 and remained therein until bottle in 1976. . be the finest naturally produced apertif in existence. Because of the rarity value of this product ...because of the rarity value of this products .. only produced each bottle is individually numbered and bears the signature of the maker. - The Lindisfarne Liqueur Company Holy Island Northumberland

If you can shed any light on this spectacular bottle of mead it would be appreciated.

Lindisfarne Mead

A Close up of the Mead Label (signed and numbered)

Lindisfarne Mead Label



A Note from Will: I have a friend who lives in the U.K and he has visited the famous Lindisfarne castle. He has been nice enough to send me pictures. You can check them out here: Lindisfarne Castle


pear and pomegranate melomels

New, I and a friend made two wonderful meads today (melomels) a pear and a pomegranate. Just a few pictures and notes on what we did. Simply a lot of fun! See the pics here