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The Mead Making Vacation to Europe


Here in America we are a bit backward about Mead and Mead Making. It is a very small niche and a lot of people here don't even know what Mead is. But it has a very long heritage in a lot of other countries, particularly european countries.


And they are serious about their mead! There is even a seven day mead making vacation in Poland where you learn how to make it from experts that reallly know how to make it.

As part of the vacation is a 5 day intensive classroom experience where you learn things like Everything about bees, raising bees, and honey. Then you go on to all the various preparation steps and of course recipes where you make your own mead.

Mead, for a lot of people, myself included, is a hit or miss trial and error kind of thing where you just slowly learn as you go, make lots of mistakes and just keep on trying. It would be great to take a vacation and learn how to improve my mead making at the same time. I also have a feeling they have some serious recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation.

If you are curious:


the website is

The Class is within 7 miles of the historic town of Lublin Poland at the Pszczela Wola (Will of the Bees) Agricultural school; and looking over the itenarary of the vacation you can see on day six that you take a tour of the international award winning commercial mazer Apis. Would be a lot of fun!

< -- Here is a picture of an Apis Mead.

Boy, if my Mead making busines were making enough money It would be great to take this as a business expense :) Business expenses are at the forefront of my my with today being 2 days before tax deadline and all :)