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Polish Mead

I have heard a lot about Polish mead and have even seen some vacation trips to Poland that specialize in mead and mead making. Yup, there are some high end tours that specialize in mead. They include airfare, hotel, visits to meaderies, lessons in mead making and more. That is something that is so cool. A very nice theme for a vacation.


Well, somebody told me about a strange bottle of mead in a local wine shop so I just had to go and take a look. Sure enough it was a very high quality bottle of Polish mead! And raspberry at that! YAY! I looked around to fend off any competitors (Well, they were imaginary) , grabbed it and made my way to the cashier.

Apis Mead

Here is the exact bottle before opening. Looks pretty good and you can't really see it in this picture but the mead is very red. A better picture is below.

Anyhoo, here are some specifics about this mead.

It is made by an apiary company called apis and you can visit their website at

The alcohol content is 16% and it is made with a ratio of 1:2 water and honey with raspberry juice added.

It has been aged 6 years.

The price I paid was $60 dollars.

Here is some of what the label says:

"Gold Medal Award Winning Jadwiga is a traditional drink originating over a thousand years ago in northern europe."


SO? How was it?

It was terrific, very smooth and very thick with little aftertaste and a very smooth feel. And it is thick as far as wine goes. This mead has some serious legs. And, to my palette I got hints of what tasted/smelled like molasses which leads me to believe heating or even burning is a part of the process in making this mead. Very interesting mead and well worth the price.

People were commenting on how quickly it had an effect and without any alcohol taste. All that honey is really something.

Raspberry mead

Here is a picture of the full bottle with a flashlight behind it. The glass is not red and the flashlight is not red. That color is the color of the raspberry mead.


A glass of Mead

And here is a look at it in the glass.


A Glass of Mead

Want to make a mead that is ready to drink in a week?

This is Sima and it is a Finnish mead! I have the recipe with pics right here. This was submitted by a web visitor (Shelby). Make Sima - The Finnish Mead

And a bonus is that it is lightly carbonated!!


Two batches of mead

I have started four new batches of fruit mead (Melomel). You can check them out here. I give you a couple of different methods for making a fruit mead that is easy and efficient. I do two different flavors: Peach and Pineapple



I found a whole bunch of wonderful drinking goblets on amazon. I have a page with them right here. Just a couple of years ago you couldn't get a goblet, or mead! It is great to see both are becoming very popular. Mead Goblets