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How do you know the Mead making is working?

Mead, and wine making, is an art that is unlike just about any other arts. And one of the things that separates it from other things is the need for patience when you are doing it.

Mead takes time! You have to allow the yeast time to do it's thing. And this process could be as fast as a couple of months or as slow as a couple of years!

So, once you got it in the bucket how do you know it is working correctly?



This is one of the important aspects of using an airlock on your fermentation bucket. It serves dual purposes. It allows the gases created by the ferment to escape the bucket while keeping impurities out. And it also serves the purpose of letting you know that the fermentation is actually working. The airlock shows you the bubbles.

If it isn't bubbling or it is bubbling extremely slowly you may have what is called a stuck ferment. This happens and there are things you can do to unstick it. I will be covering this topic.


pear and pomegranate melomels

New, I and a friend made two wonderful meads today (melomels) a pear and a pomegranate. Just a few pictures and notes on what we did. Simply a lot of fun! See the pics here


Bottling Mead

Bottling Mead: I answer some of the most common questions including "When do you know it's time to bottle your mead"?

Bottling mead questions answered