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Checking the PH of your Mead

The PH level of your mead is an important indicator for whether the fermentation process is going well. And it is very easy and inexpensive to check. you just need some ph strips which usually can be purchased for around five bucks for a tube of 100.


Checking the PH of your batch of mead is an important tool that will help you to brew the best possible mead and will help you to understand and correct any problems.

This is a video that shows the simple procedure for checking the ph with a ph strip of paper. The important thing to consider is that you shouldn't dip the stick in the mead. You should dip some kind of a sanitized tool in the mead then use this to apply a drop to the ph strip. This video shows the use of a wine thief in the extraction of a drop of Mead.

From there it is a simple step to compare the color of the strip with the scale provide on the case of the ph strips. Follow the easy instructions that come with the ph strips. It is important to note that you should do this immediately. Do not let the ph strip dry first.


The PH level of the Must can drop to low levels that will prohibit the fermentation process. This is often considered to be around 3.0 and sometimes as low as 2.5. It is generally considered optimal for yeast production if the PH is between 3.7 and 4.6. When the PH level drops too low it can cause a very sluggish ferment that can take extra months to mature. Or even cause a stuck fermentation.

What to do if the PH level of your must is too low

You can rectify this situation by adding calcium carbonate to the must. I recommend you stir one teaspoon into the must and then re-test the ph. Repeat this procedure until the must has a PH of 3.8.

What to do if the PH level of your must is too high

You can correct this situation by adding some kind of acid like tartaric acid. Do this according to the instructions that come with it. But no need to do it unless the acid level is above 5.

{h strips

Wine PH Strips -

  • 100 strips per vial
  • Measures pH from 2.8 to 4.4

This is the perfect pH paper for testing your water during the wine making process. You just place a drop of water on the end and then match it up against the color coding chart. Much more economical than a pH pen.


Bottles of mead

Absolutely new to Mead?

I have a nice little 4 minute video that you can watch. It explains what mead is and how it is made: What is Mead and How is it made?


Book How to Make a Batch of mead

Love Kindle Books? I just published my kindle book on how to make mead. It is a no-nonsense easy guide to making a batch of mead. You can get it in the kindle store.