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The Ken Schamm Limited Series of Meads

If you are a mead maker, or even if you just dabble a little bit you probably have heard of Ken Schramm. He is the meadmaker who wrote the book on mead making. The book is called "The Compleat Meadmaker" and its a standard that should be on every mead makers bookshelf.

B.Nektar and Ken Schramm

B.Nektar Meadery has teamed up with Ken to make a signature series of Meads. The first mead in this series is called "Heart of Darkness" and it is to be released in a very limited number of bottles (110) each one signed. If you want to get one of these bottles you are going to have to reserve one. I recommend you act fast. Here is what B.Nektar has to say about this mead:

"Meadmaker Ken Schramm crafted the Heart of Darkness exclusively from his home grown fruit. This mead represents a true labor of love. Hand-picked and hand-pitted morello cherries were fermented with black currants, red raspberries and Michigan honey from Larry Yates' Sawmill Lake Apiaries. Virtually all of a season's fruit production was used in this inaugural batch, limiting its production to a small number of individually signed and numbered bottles. The Heart of Darkness was free run, unfined and unfiltered, yielding a deep, intense character. It pairs beautifully with grilled meats, bleu cheese, and dark chocolate. "

Read more about this Mead here

Note: The Heart of Darkness Mead has been officially released!! (As of July 03, 2009)


Ken Schramm Book on mead making The Compleat Meadmaker : Home Production of Honey Wine From Your First Batch to Award-winning Fruit and Herb Variations





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