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What to do with leftover must?

Excess must

Not that this is a reallly good idea but I just figured I should give it a try.

I recently made a big batch of mead and had a little leftover so I thought about what I could do with it.

How about putting it right in the bottles and then leaving it there?

What the heck? Worth a try right?

So I poured some must into wine bottles and then added a little yeast. I Put a balloon on top of them (I put pinholes in the balloons so the gas could escape). Now I just have to let it go. No racking and no nothing.



At some point I am just going to cork them!! Talk about the lazy mans way of making some mead :) LOL

I will post to this page how it turns out but that won't be until christmas time. Hopefully...

I guess the real point I am making here is that it is important to experiment. Mead making is such a vaguely defined art. There are so many ways to do it and why can't this be an alternative?

Hey, accidents sometimes turn out great - Just ask Pasteur!


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