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How to Make an Auto-Siphon


One of the most important things you can do when making mead is rack it into a new container. And when you do this you shouldn't pour it from one jug to another or one carboy to another. You should siphon it. This will make a better mead. It leaves behind all the dead yeast and it reduces the risk of oxidyzing your mead. You can just use a sanitized hose and siphon the old fashioned way or you can use an auto siphon which is neater, easier and more sanitary.


I have two different auto siphons, one for my one gallon batches and one for my 5 gallon batches.

You can purchase these or you can make one. This video on how to make an auto siphon was sent to me by a web visitor ( Alex) My thanks to him for making and submitting this.



You can also buy an auto siphon on

Auto Siphon large Auto Siphon Pump for Beer, Mead or Wine

This 5/16" auto siphon pump starts a siphon with a single stroke in as little as an inch of liquid, eliminating siphoning woes and making it easier and faster to transfer wort or beer.




Small Auto Siphon

Auto Siphon Pump - Mini

Similar to the regular auto-siphon pump, but this mini-siphon pump fits easily into one gallon jugs. The regular siphon pumps will not fit in the gallon jugs.