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Honey Wine Mead is the perfect drink for Valentine’s Day


If you would like to try something special and different for Valentine’s Day try some wine called Mead. It is brewed from honey rather than grapes; it has a beautiful golden color and a very long tradition of love.


Mead goes by many names and over the centuries it has been called honey-wine, nectar of the gods, and even honeymoon wine. This last name stemmed from a tradition to give a 30-day supply of it to newly married couples. It was said that if they drank a glass every day for the first thirty days of their marriage it would bring them happiness and fertility.

Chocolate, flowers, candy and cards are wonderful traditions that have lasted decades now. But for centuries longer there was the tradition of drinking Mead that was shared by couples. Make this holiday special and try some. It has been around for many hundreds of years and it has been speculated that it was the first alcoholic beverage ever made. This is a matter of debate but one thing that is not up for debate is the delicious nature of this beautiful wine brewed from honey.

So If you are looking for a little something special to do on Valentine’s day I recommend you give Mead a try. It is a brilliant little drink and will make for an interesting new experience and conversation piece.

Honey wine is a very popular drink world-wide but is lesser known in North America and if you are considering a purchase of it you may want to call your local wine retail shop ahead of time to see if they have any in stock.


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