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Medieval America

Will is journeying across the country visiting all kinds of medieval sites. You can watch the whole series of videos, and follow along on the journey right here on his youtube channel. Or, here on this page are the mead related videos.

Note: If you have a meadery and would like Will to stop in then send him an email!

Medieval America | Episode 4: Three New England Meads

Maine Mead Works | Moonlight Meadery | Thousand Islands Winery

In this episode we travel around three New England States and stop in three different meaderies. One is in Maine. One is in New Hampshire and the third one is in New York state. It was an interesting adventure and I didn’t go from one directly to the other. I have concatenated these three into a video for simplicity. In between I visited some castles. And those videos are coming.

One thing I do want to say is that in the past ten years or so a whole lot of meaderies have popped up in New England, and in America as a whole. The current number of them is now over four hundred! I won’t visit all of them but let’s see how many I can visit in my trek across the country. Here are the first three.

Want to learn more about these three meads? Visit their websites here:

Maine Mead Works (Portland Maine)
Moonlight Meadery (Londonderry New Hampshire)
Thousand Islands Winery (Alexandria Bay, New York)


About Medieval America the series

This is a series of videos where you travel along with Will as he journeys all across America in search of medieval things like Castles, Blacksmiths, Meaderies, Museums, and much more. You can see the web version with lots more resources right here:

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