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One Groovy Coconut Mead

I did this project just for a little bit of fun. The actual name of the coconuts is "One Groovy Coconut." So I figured I would call this Mead "One Groovy Coconut Mead"


coconut mead

I prepared the coconuts by drilling a 1" hole in them . I drained out the coconut milk and rinsed out the inside of the coconuts with spring water. I Added my mead and then corked em with a rubber stopper and airlock.

Pretty straight forward mixture and all I am doing is fermenting it in the coconuts so it can absorb the coconut flavor.


To Make the Mead -- I made 1 Quart of Must with 12 ounces of honey which will give me a medium mead. I then pitched in 1 half of a package of normal bread yeast. I divided it up among the two coconuts and it almost fit. I had a little bit leftover so these two coconuts aren't quite 1 quart of mead.

Kind of a fun project and they are bubbling away. Anyhoo, lets see how they develop!



Here is a video: