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Having some fun with Mead Making

I get a lot of email from people who are trying the art of mead making for the first time. I also get a lot of pictures of various meads that are fermenting or bottled. This for me is a lot of fun and you can see lots of the pictures submitted by my web visitors right here (there are currently 5 pages of pics)

My philosophy on those pictures is that they will help you gain the courage to make some mead yourself. Once you see all the other people that are enjoying the process and making some mead you will probably say "Yes! I am going to give it a try!" So there you go, on your way to making some mead.

Here are some pictures of mead making that were submitted by Sar-el. He definitely had a lot of fun making mead and there are a couple of things you should notice about this. First off he really did a nice job in sanitizing all of his equipment. This is something that you should always do! And secondly he has some really gorgeous bottles that he is brewing his mead in. I love these bottles. Anyhoo my thanks go to Sar-el for letting me know about his mead making and for taking the time to submit all these great pictures!

About the Glass containers: They are called demejanes (wine fermentation jugs). The smaller ones are 5 liters each and the large one is 10 liters.

Let's Make some mead! This picture shows everything set up and ready to go!

Everything is ready for the mead making


Sanitizing the equipment

Always sanitize your equipment. This is the most important thing!






Warming up the honey


Lets Warm up the honey so it flows nicely.






Start the yeastLet's get the yeast started. It will need a little bit of time to acclimate and bloom.







Let's mix the must

Now let's mix the honey and water. This creates something called the "Must". That is mead before the yeast has been added.






Stirring and pitching

Ok, we stir that must up really well. Make it nice and homogenous. And when it's ready we add the yeast to it. This adding of the yeast is called "Pitching" the yeast.










The mead in the jugs

Ok, let's get that mead into the jugs!








Wow, we are done, the airlocks are on and the carboys of mead look fantastic. I really love the shapes of these bottles.

The fermenting mead


Sar-el Making mead And here is Sar-el having some fun making mead! My thanks go to him for submitting these terrific pictures.