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The Difference is the honey

The most important aspect of your mead is the honey and this will manifest itself as obvious from the very beginning of your mead making adventures.

There are many different types of honey and they will create Meads that have very distinct flavors, aromas, and even looks and I have here a relatively good example of this for you to see.

This picture is of two exact batches of mead made on the the very same day. The only difference in how they were made is that the batch on the left used 15 pounds of clover honey. The texture and deepness of the color is very evidently different between the two!

Two batches of mead

About this picture of Mead Brewing - I am currently doing a stop motion animation project where I snap a picture of these two fermenting carboys every day and will do this over the course of several months. Then I can put all the picture into an animation and you will be able to see the transformation of fermentation right before your very eyes. Stay tuned and check back again to see the animation.

Here is a reel of the pictures I have so far. Just by comparing dec 10 with dec 19 you can see a significant change in the color of the mead.


I have been taking a picture every day now for almost two months and the bottles of mead have been coming along very nicely! they haven't completed their initial ferment so I will continue to take pictures. But, the change has been quite dramatic! Keep checking in and when the ferment is complete I will make a stop motion animation of all the pics so you can see it in video form.

Here is the video




Two batches of mead

I have started four new batches of fruit mead (Melomel). You can check them out here. I give you a couple of different methods for making a fruit mead that is easy and efficient. I do two different flavors: Peach and Pineapple