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Making Twelve Gallons of Mead

Twelve Gallons of Mead

I have just begun a new experiment in mead making that uses twelve different types of yeast. I have done my best to keep all the other variables exactly the same so I could determine a few things:

First: Is there a real difference in the taste with different yeast?

Second: What is the time cycle for different yeast? Will some mature much faster than others?

It is an interesting experiment and I ran it in two different batches.

Everything was sanitized using Easy Clean.

First I made a six gallon batch of must using 18 pounds of wildflower honey. This will yield a medium sweet mead. I added Potassium metabisulfate to this six gallon batch and allowed it to sit for twenty four hours which killed any wild strains of yeast in the honey. It s a purification step.

After the waiting period I added yeast nutrient and energizer to the six gallons. After stirring vigorously I broke up the six gallons into six separate one gallon jugs and pitched a separate yeast into each jug.

I did this whole process twice so I ended up with twelve total gallons of Mead.

Here are the twelve different yeast I am using:

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