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Using a Wine Thief to test your home brewed wine

Using a winethief

A Wine thief is a handy little tool that makes it easy to get samples of wine or mead from your carboys and containers.

It is simply a long pipette style glass tube. You dunk the end of the tube into the brew and then you seal the top end of it with your thumb. Then you can pull it out and when you release your thumb the captured wine will pour into your container of choice.








Using the Winethief

This picture shows the winethief just before the thumb is released which will allow the wine to flow into the glass.

It is really a handy little device and very inexpensive. It saves a lot of time and trouble when you have to figure out how to get a small sample of wine or mead out of a thin necked bottle or carboy.

Now you can taste it or check the ph of it or run any other test you want to run.

A Wine Thief is a relatively inexpensive item but if you don't want to spend the money you might consider using a turkey baster! It works just as well and you just have to make sure you sanitize it properly. You don't want turkey flavored mead.


E.C.Kraus Glass Wine Thief

The wine thief is made of glass and has traditional design. Used for extracting small samples from jugs, carboys, barrels and other vessels. It has narrow spout at bottom that allows a controlled release of the wine. The other end has a convenient indentation for gripping the thief between the Index and middle fingers.



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