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What is the alcohol content of Mead?

Mead is a craft beverage and it can vary significantly in alcohol content. The home brewer has a lot of control over the alcohol content.


But if you are curious about an average mead it will usually have an alcohol content between 7.5% and 14%. It's very similar to grape wines.

And if you have an alcohol preference there is a wide range of types of meads that you might be interested in. If you want very light alcohol then you should loo for something called a Hydromel. And if you like a high alcohol content you might want to try something called a dessert mead.

Types and Names of meads based on the strength of the alcohol. Arranged from lightest to heaviest:

  • Hydromel - 3.5% to 7.5% alcohol
  • Session Mead - Light mead, light alcohol Four or five parts water to one part honey - Under 10% alcohol
  • Standard Mead - 7.5% to 14% alcohol
  • Sack Mead (Also known as Great Mead) 14% to 18% alcohol
  • Dessert Honey Wines - They vary a lot and typically are very sweet and over 14% alcohol. They can go up as high as 22% alcohol.
  • Fortified Mead - also known as Honey Liquers can go as high as 60%

Take a look at this wine list from a meadery (Lilly Belle) It will give you a sense of the range and variety of alcohol content.

Meads and alcohol content on a variety of meads.


Interested in buying some mead? I have all the resources for you here:

Where to buy mead near you. - Mead is a specialized drink so it can sometimes be tricky to track down a bottle of it. Although it is gaining in popularity. Here I give you some clear advice on how to find some mead near where you live.

Where to buy mead online - There are lots of meaderies that will directly sell and ship mead. And there are other online options.