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Maine Mead Works

I have been traveling around America. It is a trek I call "Medieval America". And while in Portland Maine I stopped in a place called "Maine Mead Works".

If you want to learn more about them check out their website here: Maine Mead Works

I enjoyed my stop at the Maine Mead works and I enjoyed their meads. I tried a flight of their various HoneyMaker meads.

Overall the place was very nice and the person working there told me they were expanding which is a good sign for the company and an indicator of the growing popularity of mead. My impression of Portland is that it is a very young and savvy crowd. I think that mead fits in well with this demographic. If you are in Portland Maine I recommend you stop in the Maine Mead Works. It is located at: 51 Washington Avenue.

Maine Mead Works Exterior picture


Maine Mead Works Interior


HoneyMaker Meads


Ram Island Meads



They have two families of Meads:

  • Their HoneyMaker Meads which are 12.5% ABV
  • and Ram Island Meads which are 6.9% ABV which come in 500ml bottles and are lightly carbonated.


HoneyMaker Meads:

Dry, Blueberry, Apple Cyser, Lavender

Rams Island Meads:

Lavender Lemonade, Iced Tea, Chai



Watch the video here:


Mead Making kit - Wonderful and inexpensive way to get started in mead making. All you need to add is honey and water.





The Secret Art of Mead Making Revealed - Mead is not difficult to make and you can brew up your first batch in an hour. All it really takes is water, honey, and yeast. And this book is a clearly written guide to how to do it.

It has clear step by step directions on how to make five different types of mead including a spice mead, a fruit mead, a plain honey flavored mead and even a sparkling mead.

The book includes a short history of mead, a look at the different types and flavors you can make, a guide to the equipment needed (which isn't much), and a frequently asked questions section.

Mead is a drink that has been shrouded in mystery for centuries but now the secret to how to easily make it has been revealed in this book.