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Niagara Falls

Will I have been traveling all over America seeing medieval sites like castles and cathedrals, blacksmiths and more. And well.... seeing as I am traveling all over the country I would be remiss if I didn't see some of the other wonderful sights that this country has to offer. And one of them is Niagara Falls.


Let me give you an overview of visiting Niagara Falls. You can spend a whole day there, two days or just a few hours. And in all three instances you will get a rewarding and memorable experience.

There are multiple parking lots with automated parking meters which makes arriving very easy. The lots are within walking distance of the falls.

Then you walk to the main entrance of Niagara Falls state park.

Overall view of the falls

In this next picture we have just entered the park and you can see the Niagara river just a little bit to the front of us. The river flows from the left to the right. And just a little ways off to the right is the falls.

The Park

Here we have walked right across the park to the rivers edge. We are looking to the left in the picture but when we turn around we will be heading right to the falls which is only a couple of hundred yards away.

The River


So, we walk to the right and we end up at the top of the falls. Where you see those people walking is where I was for the previous picture.

The walkway and falls

It is quite amazing how close to the falls you can get.

The Falls


Let's continue walking along that board walk and you can see there ahead of us is a tower with a sort of bridge extending out over the water. See the little people all standing on that bridge? Let's head up there. (That place is called The Observation Tower).

The Observation Tower


ContinueLet's continue and see what it all looks like from up on that tower/walkway




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