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The Art Institute of Chicago

I spent a day at this museum. It was a wonderful day and I got a bit lucky because on that weekend they were having a special fair in Chicago called "A taste of Chicago". And this was happening at the park right next to the museum.

So I wandered around the Fair and then went into the musuem.

And I discovered, much to my pleasure, that this museum has one of the best collections of medieval weapons and armor in the country. I have a page devoted to it right here: Weapons and Armor at the Art Institute of Chicago.


Humbling is the right word for my experience here in this museum. It has just about a million square feet of museum space. And they have so many masterpieces that it is difficult to grasp. We are talking world famous masterpieces from Van Gogh, Monet, Chagall, Picasso, El Greco and so many more. For me I spent the lion's share of the day on the second floor which is where they have a wing of Medieval and Renaissance Art. And just beyond that they have the Deering Family Gallery where that magnificent collection of weapons and armor is.

If you are interested in Weapons and Armor you have got to visit this museum.

This is the bean. It is a famous sculpture right near the Art Institute.