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The Cleveland Museum of Art

I spent some time In Ohio and was pleasantly surprised by it. Ohio is not a "famous" state. It isn't Texas or California. It keeps a pretty low profile. But it is quite nice. The weather was nice, the people were nice and there were lots of interesting things to visit including one of my favorite castles (Loveland) and of course the Cleveland Museum of Art which is a world class museum.

I also have two more pages about some of the pieces in this museum:

Weapons and Armor at the Museum

Polearms at the Museum


They have this interesting open area inside the museum. I believe that it is a sort of bridge between the older museum building and a newer one. I just thought it was interesting. I have never seen something like this before. I was here during business hours on a typical weekday. I would imagine that this place is a gathering area for lots of people. They probably do concerts in this area too.



One of the big reasons why I visited is that they have an excellent exhibition of weapons and armor from the Renaissance and late Middle Ages.

And their collection of Medieval Art is world renowned. It encompasses a wide scope including early Christian, Gothic, Romanesque and more. Rather than very specific categories it is more a collection of Medieval masterpieces.

The pieces range dramatically from paintings to illuminated manuscripts, sculpture, carvings and much more. The next painting is The Archangel Michael. It is one panel from a Triptych. It is tempera on wood and it was painted in 1458. Think about that! This painting is almost 600 years old.

For the picture I specifically left a lot of space around the painting because the color of that red wall is simply perfect. This is another thing that world class museums do really well. We as the average museum-goer often don't think about the amount of thought and care that goes into the displaying of masterpieces.

The Monastery at San Pedro



The Hours of Charles the Noble (The King of Navarre) -1404