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How to Make Miniature Trees Part 3: More foliage techniques

In this part of the tutorial I show you a couple more neat techniques for making the foliage.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



add bits of sponge

Another thing that you can do to improve the trees is to use different sponges that have different shades of green or different sponge patterns.


Use a rasp on the sponge

A great way to get textures from the sponge is to use some kind of tool on it like a rasp. A lemon zester, cheese grater or foam carving tool would also work. You want to scrape off pieces of foam.


This gives us some nice foliage. You can apply glue to the tree and dip it in this.

Bits of spongeThe dipped tree


Scouring pads also make for excellent tree foliage.

Green scouring padThe completed tree


And various colors can add some nice accents to your trees. Here I rasped a yellow sponge and some pink foam.

A miniature tree Varied colors on the tree


And that's it! Have some fun. There are an unlimited number of possibilities for making miniature trees out of household materials. If you make some trees be sure to send me a picture!



Foliage and grasses

Woodland Scenics Foiage and Grasses Kit -

Woodland Scenics Foliage and Grasses Kit is great for making Realistic looking bushes, foliage, ivy and grasses. This package contains forest green accent, green grass, spray bottle, project glue, sifter, foliage fiber, yellow flowers, bushes, wild grass and instructions. It is suitable for 7 years and up.


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