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Constantine DVD Constantine (2 Disc Deluxe Edition With Comic Book) 2005


Ever since the movie (The Omen came out I have been a sucker for "the devil is taking over the world" movies. This is another one of those movies.

It is a visually stunning movie, the plot line is easy to follow, and it moves at a good pace. The action scenes are great and they took a nice look at hell as being a post nuclear war major city which I think is pretty interesting. It is a good way to interpret what hell would be like.

The role of Satan is played reasonably well and Keanu is his usual stoic self.

So, what do you get with this movie? Exactly what you expect. A well crafted big budget movie with a tight script and some great special effects.

What don't you get? Other than a fresh look at what Hell is like this movie doesn't pose any new ideas or thoughts.

If you are looking for a movie that is thought provoking then this isn't the movie for you. If you are looking for a good evening of entertainment and popcorn then this is definitely for you. If you are a Keanu Reeves fan then this is a must. It is classic ala Matrix Keanu.

I give it four stars just for the entertainment value.





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