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 The Ring Two DVD 2005

The whole look, pace, and feel of theThe Ring Two original Ring Movie was fantastic. It broke new ground. The sequences inside the house and the sequences on the actual video tape were just very creepy. The whole plot idea of watching a movie that would kill you in a week was fresh and the whole little girl in the well story was chilling as it unfolded.

So how do you make a good sequel out of something like that. The girl in the well is revealed and the plot line of watching the video tape and dying within a week has been done.

The answer is that you can't. This sequel totally leaves out the tension of knowing you are going to die because you watched the dreaded videotape. The story of the girl in the well is no longer fresh and the outstanding sequence on the actual video tape just doesn't have the same impact the second time around

This movie did start to unfold a promising subplot where the mother is suspected of abusing her son but it just never develops and it quickly fades out.

2 stars - there were a few scenes that were kind of creepy and there were some good special effects scenes.








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