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Primer (2005) DVD
This is an interesting movie that was made on a budget of $7,000. Wow, in todays world of big budget movies can you believe that?


It has won a lot of awards and who can resist a movie about a couple of guys cooking up a new technology in their garage that could change the world?

But I didn't care for it very much. Dont' get me wrong I am a real sucker for time travel movies and this one gave the impression that it was going to break new ground but it doesn't.(I thought it was going to be fresh and new like Memento, which is an absolutely fantastic film.)

The Film does have a good overall feel. It really conveys the sense of a group of people trying to start up a technology firm by finding a great idea. It has that garage to riches feel to it.

But, the plot seems to be scattered, and without a clear direction. The writer took on the task of paradoxes in time travel and it didn't come through too well. I got lost in the plot. It just wasn't very clear. You will need to watch this movie at least twice to try to follow the paradoxes.

Overall I give it two stars out of five for being interesting and having a gritty feel but for not having been clearly written.








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