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The Paper Parthenon

Booklet Cover

This is a complete paper project on how to make a paper Parthenon. I have the full instructions here on this webpage and I also have them in a downloadable Microsoft Word document. You can download the booklet and print it up then cut out all the pieces and glue or tape them together. This is a fun and easy project to do and make.

I also have a youtube video that goes along with this project. The video shows this project, tells a little bit about it and also has some footage of the actual Parthenon. It is at the bottom of this page.


Thanks for checking out my paper Parthenon Project. I have lots of other paper projects on my website

YOUTUBE: I also have a youtube channel with lots of video projects including this Project







Greek Temple kit Make This Model Greek Temple (Usborne Cut-Out Models Series)

The top of this temple swings open so you can look inside and see the statue of Athena.






The completed paper parthenon

Assembly Instructions

What you need to make this project:

What you need for this paper project

Some Assembly Tips and Notes:

There are five pages of parts for this paper Parthenon project. You should cut out the pieces and glue them down to the cereal box cardboard then cut the shapes out again.

Apply glue to cardboardI use a cotton swab to apply the glue evenly to the cardboard, then I place the cut out paper piece on it and press it down smoothly. The picture below shows how to do it.





Solid Lines - Solid lines are cut lines

Dotted Lines - These are fold lines. You do not cut them you fold along the line.

Use two rulers to bend a straight lineTip for folding along dotted lines:

I use two rulers to make the fold nice and straight. The picture below shows you how I do it.






Step By Step Assembly

This assembly assumes you have already cut out and glued all the pieces to cardboard and now you have all the pieces ready for assembly.

1. Fold the base pieces so it looks like the base in the picture below:

Assemble the Base

2. Assemble the two pieces that make the inner building then glue them to the base.

Assemble the inner building

3. Tape or glue the sides of roof to the base of roof:

Half the roof

4: Tape or glue the roof onto this so the roof unit is complete.

The roof unit

5: Secure the roof to the inner building by running glue along the top.

Apply a thin line of glue

This is what it will look like:

The roof is in place

6: If you haven't done it already you should cut out the spaces between the pillars on the four outer wall sections. Be careful and take your time with this. It can be a bit tricky to get it to look really nice.

Cut out the columns

7: Now glue all four sides (or tape) to the outer edge of the building. It will look like this:

The Completed Project

8: You are now ready to paint! Have fun with the painting and thanks for building this project. If you send me a picture I will post it to my website!


I have pictures of the parthenon that I took while on vacation in Greece. You can check out those pictures on my website here. Greece






My video including footage of the real Parthenon in Athens Greece


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