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Finishing up the project


Now add your figures into the scene. Move them around and find a configuration that looks good. Once you are happy with the position you can glue them into place. Remember to glue them very firmly so the shadowbox can be handled without danger.







Now just attach the frame to the front of the box and you are done. I used small brass brackets and tiny screws to attach. I don't recommend you use tacks or nails because the banging could dislodge pieces of the shadowbox scene. If you use glue you might have a hard time opening it up in the future.


The completed shadowbox

Notes: Make sure you thoroughly clean both sides of the glass before you install it. Also you can still get creative here. Paint the frame in a medieval theme or use medieval textures on it. You could also install a small battery operated light right inside or in the front. Just drill holes where needed for the bulbs and wires.


Wall Diorama Want to make a larger shadowbox? Make a spectacular Wall diorama for your miniatures
This tutorial shows you how to make a large shadowbox with hinges. In the picture at left you can see the small shadowbox from the current tutorial. It is placed inside the larger shadowbox How to make a Big Wall Diorama for your fantasy miniatures