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How To Make A Shoebox Diorama - Page 3 - Create your characters

dragon and knight artwork thumbnail

Step 4 Create your characters - To the left is a thumbnail of the dragon, the knight and the dragon's wings. I have created a full size image of this for you to print up.

You can right click and download it here then you can open it with a paint program and print it. Download here

Or you can open up this separate webpage with the image and print the page. Printable webpage here (this is a big image so it may take a while to load into your browser

Of course this is your diorama so you can draw your own pictures if you like. But feel free to use mine.

Step 5 Color the characters - With the page printed you should now color in the Dragon, the wings, and the knight. Don't cut them out first then color them. They are small and will be difficult to color.

Step 6 cutout your characters - Carefully cut the characters out. If you are not allowed to use scissors or scissors are difficult for you please ask for the help of an adult.

cut out the dragon and the knight

Cutting out the dragon is a little tricky but take your time and it will come out great.

do not remove base from knight

The knight has a base attached. Thats the big white part at the bottom. Do not cut this off. You will use it to glue the knight in a standing position. It is his base!


color the base of the knight

Turn the knight over and color the base green. This will make it look better when you glue it to the ground in the diorama.

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