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How To Make A Shoebox Diorama - Page 4 -Putting the character in



knight in place in the diorama

Step 7 Glue the Knight in place. Notice that he is close to the left side of the diorama. And also see that he is about half way toward the back. This is important because it will give a good feel to the diorama.

tabls glued on wings

Step 8 Glue tabs to the wings of your dragon. The dragons wings will attach to the sides of the shoebox. This will make it appear like the dragon is flying. Turn the wings over and glue two strips of blue construction paper to them. The blue is used because it is the same color as the background and will make them almost invisible.


glue tabs for placement in diorama

Step 9 Apply glue to front of tabs. After allowing the wing tabs to dry turn them over and apply some glue to the front of the tabs.


glue the wings into the shoebox

Step 10 Glue the wings into the shoebox with the glue still wet insert the wings into a good spot in your diorama. You can move them around a bit. Here is a good picture that shows you about where you should put them. If you want to tinker with location you can try placing the wings inside the box before you glue them. Move them around until you see how you like them then glue them in place.

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