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Make a Stained Glass Beehive Ornament -Part 4:Finishing it and mounting them on the beehives

In this part of the tutorial we finish off the ornaments and mount them on the beehives.



Make copper hoops

To mount the flowers on the beehives we need some kind of anchoring system. I created these hoops out of copper wire. I used copper because it will solder very easily. I created the hoops by wrapping copper wire around a dowel.


Place the hoops

Each flower gets three hoops and this picture above shows one of the hoops in place.


Solder the hoops

I soldered them in place. And I really paid extra attention to get strong solder joints. This way they would be very strong in holding them firmly on the beehives for a long period of time.


The hoops are soldered

Ok, the hooks are all done. Let's mount them on the beehive.


Three stainless steel screws and we mount them to the front of the hives.

Screw it to the beehive


Stained glass ornament on the beehive




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