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The Biggest Challenge to Beginner Astronomers

There are two very big challenges to you as a beginner astronomer. The first challenge is getting your telescope aligned to the night sky. This means that the mount and scope have to be perfectly aligned to the north star. And the second challenge is finding objects. You can't see them with the naked eye and you can't just zoom around looking for them. You have to have a grasp of the night sky so you can point the telescope in the right area.

But these two challenges have pretty much been eradicated by the Meade Telescope Company. They offer many telescopes that will automatically align to north at the push of a button and will automatically go to any of thousands of celestial objects also at the push of a button. They have made the hardest parts of astronomy really easy.

If you want to really enjoy looking at some of the remarkable sights in the night sky without all the fuss of learning how to align your scope and hunt for objects you may want to take a look at the meade scopes. Here is a great example of these benefits in one of their scopes.

Meade automatic telescope

Meade ETX-125PE Telescope with UHTC





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