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Telescope Stores

Buying a telescope, especially if it is your first one, can be a challenge. Here are some guidelines and tips for finding a store and making a smart purchase.

Thinking about buying a telescope is a bit of a process because telescopes are not toys. They are scientific instruments and unless you already know a lot about telescopes you are kind of shooting in the dark when it comes to choosing one.

My first piece of advice for you is to locate a telescope store near you, or a store that has a lot of telescopes so you can look at them, talk to someone and get a hands on feel for the instruments.

Finding an actual telescope store can be a challenge and can mean a bit of a ride on a saturday or sunday but you can often find a nice selection of quality telescopes in well stocked camera stores too.

If you don't intend to actually travel to a store and just want to purchase something online I have some great advice as far as prices, manufacturers and sellers here How to buy a telescope

Some places and tips on where to buy a telescope

Shop at Walmart? They have a nice selection of quality telescopes that you can choose from. My recommendation is to stick with any telescope made by the Meade corporation. They carry scopes from other companies but I recommend you stick with Meade. They have top quality at reasonable prices. And Walmart carries a wide selection of Meade telescopes. Here is a direct link to telescopes at Walmart

Shop at They have a very wide selection of telescopes and accessories. If you are an amazon shopper you will find something that is perfect. My recommendations are to stick with a scope from either Meade, Celestron, Bushnell or Orion Telescope Store at

Looking for an authorized store that sells telescopes and astronomy products?

Meade has a nice locator tool that will find an authorized dealer of their products here - Meade Authorized Dealer locator

Celestron Dealer Locator - To find authorized dealers of celestron products - Celestron Dealer Locator

Open DMOZ listing of Authorized telescope dealers - Listing of over 100 authorized telescope dealers.

Google Directory of Telescope Dealers

Looking to compare prices across various stores? Bizrate has a nice search function that will find prices and show you the lowest prices on particular telescope models Bizrate




You don't know much about telescopes but want to buy your first one? Here is my recommendation

Make and use your own telescope for less than twenty bucks with this easy kit

Astronomy with Binoculars a bit about what to know

The biggest challenge to telescope users is overcome with Meade Telescopes