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The French Project

I am looking for someone to translate a 900 year old story for me. I am not looking for an accurate translation. I am just looking to learn the story that is told.


Let me Give you some background story.

i have a favorite museum in America. It is "The Cloisters" in New York city. And it is devoted to the Medieval Period.

Within this museum is my favorite piece. It is a simple walnut box (A Coffret) Dating between 1200 and 1225.

And the pictures painted all over the box tell a story. A heroic story of William who lived in the 9th century. This story is derived from something called a Chanson de Geste (Song of Heroic Deeds).

There are about 100 of these Chanson de Geste and all are about 1,000 years old. The most famous of these is "The Song of Roland".

Anyway, our Chanson de Geste is "Chanson de Guillaume" The song of William. And as far as my research goes it only exists in old French. There is no english translation.

So, I am looking for somebody to do a translation into English. But... I am not looking for a scholarly translation or a very accurate translation. I just want to know the story! That's It.

Ok, Here is the Chanson de Guillaume in very old French if you would like to take a look.

Download it right here (pdf) 3.3meg

And here is my email:






Here is a look at the first page:

Plaist vus oïr de granz ( batailles) e (de) forz esturs,
De Deramed, uns reis Sarazinur(s),
Cum il prist guere uers (Lowis, ) nostre empereür?
Mais dan Willame la prist uers lui forçur
5 Tant qu'il l’ocist el l'Archamp par ( grant) onur.
(Mais souent) se combati a la gent paienur;
Si i perdi de ses homes les meillurs,
E sun nevov , dan Viuiën , le preuz,
Pur qui il out tut tens al quor ( grant) dolur.
10 Lunesdi al uespre.
Oimas comence la chancun de Willame.
Reis Deramed il est issu de Cordres,
En halte mer en ad mise la flote,
Amund Girunde en est uenu par force.
15 Entred el regne que si mal descunorted :
Les marchez gaste e les alues comence a prendre,
Les ueirs cors seinz porte par force del regne,
Les bons) cheualers en meinet en chaenes.
(E) en l'Archamp est hui fait cest damages