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The History Channel has produced a film called "The Dark Ages" This is a two-hour look at the 600 year period of human history where things were at their very bleakest. This film will premiere on March 4th at 9 PM Eastern time on The History Channel.

The Handful of people that Shaped the World During the Dark Ages

One of the most striking themes in the film was that of the few extraordinary people that did or attempted to do amazing things. These feats ranged from bringing down Rome and plunging Europe into the Dark Ages to revitalizing the world and bringing about the stunning accomplishment in society that we know as the Renaissance - which was the re-birth that followed the Dark Ages.

Here is more information about these people who are examined in the film.

Alaric - The King of the Visigoths

He was the man that brought down Rome in a day. He was originally a Roman soldier and after being passed over for promotion he swore to take what he deserved. He did, and the world was plunged into the Dark Ages. It wasn't all that straight-forward, Rome was ripe for the plucking he was just the man that did the plucking.


Ivar The Boneless

Nobody really knows why he was called "The Boneless" and it is highly unlikely that he had no bones but he was unable to walk and he was carried around on a shield by his soldiers. This is a shot of him in the film being carried on a shield.

He was one of the Viking Lords that wreaked havoc on Europe and kept it firmly in the grips of darkness.




The Beautiful and Ambitious Theodora

They say she was breathtakingly beautiful, was a burlesque dancer and the king, after seeing her was so taken, changed the law of the kingdom and married her. She almost single-handedly brought the world out of the dark ages by her ambition but her dream was shattered when bubonic plague plunged the world into horror and death.





Charlemagne He re-united Europe and set the stage for the Renaissance. He was devoted to learning and expended much energy in the building of schools throughout Europe. This was the groundwork that would begin the Renaissance.







The History Channel Official YouTube Video Group

The Official History Channel Flickr Page for the film – Some great images directly from the film.

Here’s a link directly into the History Channel commercial for The Dark Ages Film The first screen you see is of two men with headphones on! This is the Dark Ages commercial and it's a riot.

The History Channel Presents The Crusades - Crescent & The Cross

Interested in learning more about the Dark Ages? The crusades were in the latter part of the period. The History Channel has created a film about this.




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