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The Foam Dragon Project

This is the foam dragon project. It is a particular obsession of mine! You probably know that I do a lot of dragonslayer projects. And to date I never actually had a dragon! Well, That problem is being solved. I commissioned an artist to carve me a big foam dragon! His name is Ryan Mulhall and my thanks go to him for the terrific job he has done with this!

The foam is foamular I bought from the home depot. And it is about 500 dollars worth of foam. And being in two inch slices like this also posed some problems to us. We had to sandwich it all together to get the shape of the dragon.

To glue the slices together we used a product called Great stuff. It is an insulating material and it adheres nicely to the foamular.

After you look through the stuff about the foam dragon you might want to check out how I automated it and added special effects to it.

The total cost of this project came to about $2,000.



I also have a video that you can watch:



Materials for the foam dragon project


Early parts of the foam dragon project with the sculptor


foam dragon outline


Roudning off some of the edges of the foam dragon


Side view of the base for the dragon


Creating more detail as the foam dragon progresses

Foam Dragon Part 2


We recently took the dragon to our local mall for an Expo:





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