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Make a fullering tool -continued

In this part of the tutorial we actually made the fullering tool with some pieces of metal. Not a whole lot of work here. I also have a video showing the process of how to make this. That video is at the bottom of this page.


Here is a look at the completed fullering tool on the anvil.

The completed fullering tool

The project only takes four parts and they are shown in this next picture. You need a piece of flat steel for the springing action, a piece of bar stock or square stock that will go into the hardy hole and you need to rods of steel that form the actual fuller. I used 5/8" but there are a lot of sizes you can use depending on your fuller size wanted. Typically 1" or 1 1/4". And of course the bar stock should be the right size for the hardy hole in your anvil.

The parts of the tool

And here is a look at the tool with a piece of steel in it. This shows how now you can hammer the top and put the fuller into your piece of steel.

Fullering a piece of steel

One thing to note about the rods is that you have to round off the ends so your fuller doesn't have unwanted grooves and lines on it. I used a bench grinder then touched them up with a file and emory paper.

The fullering rods

Here is a look at the completed tool.

Side view of the fullering tool


Here is the video tutorial


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