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Dragon's Head Forge

In my trip around Medieval America I had one of my best days at this forge located in W. Farmington Ohio. I spent the day with the owner Vincent Krava. We talked about blacksmithing, his history as a blacksmith and a Farrier, and to end off the day we sat out by the pond in his yard and talked about life, goals, and all sorts of things.

It was a great day and my heartfelt thanks go to Vincent for being so welcoming.

Not only did he show me his shop but he also walked me through the process of forging a pineapple twist. And I captured it all on video. It is a tutorial you can watch at the bottom of the page.




This is Vincent Krava the owner of Dragon's Head Forge. He is a professional blacksmith and he spent many years as a Farrier. He now does custom work, forges items for sale, and is very active with Renaissance Faires.



The great looking pineapple twist Vincent made for us. If you want to see how this is done the video is at the bottom of the page.


A railroad spike letter opener/knife.

Are you looking for actual medieval and renaissance items forged by a blacksmith? Vincent has got them all. And he does custom work. Visit his website for more information or to contact him. Dragon's Head Forge

And of course he does weapons too. These next two pictures show a bear head Warhammer. Very Nice!


This is how we ended our day. At the pond by his house.

Oh and I just have to show you one more thing! Who could not love this flail? How often do you see something like this?


If you want to learn more about Dragon's Head Forge I encourage you to visit their website. They also have a list of the faires and events they attend. Dragon's Head Forge

Video is here:

How to forge a Pineapple Twist: