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Forges For Sale

I have gone through ebay and set this up so you can see the forges they have for sale. Ebay is a great way to get a used forge for cheap.

If you have a forge for sale send me an email and I will add it to this page. You should tell me your location because shipping is a big factor!

Here is a terrific little forge for sale on Amazon.com. I like it so much that I bought one. I have a video if you would like to see it in action. And you have got to check out the price. This is a real bargain in my opinion. Get started blacksmithing the old fashioned way and cheaply.

mini forge



Mini Blacksmithing forge

  • Cast Iron Furnace
  • Bowl Size - 7.5 Inch
  • Length - 15 Inch, Height - 8 Inch, Weight - 5 kg
  • Forge Furnace with Hand Blower Pedal type Handle
  • Furnace can be used for Wood Coal Burning Purpose.


This propane forge is another bargain. For a low price you can get started in knife making or forging of small items.


Blacksmiths single burner propane forge for farriers and knife makers - Includes a stand for knife making.






This one is a little more expensive but clearly of higher quality. I like the oval design and vertical propane insert. It's smart.

CAST Master Elite USA Portable Single Burner Propane Blacksmith Farrier Caster Kit Jewelry Knife and Tool Making Propane Forge SS





Want to custom make your own forge? Maybe out of stone or brick? This firepot is perfect for you. Forge firepot


Whitlox Forges - There are two big problems that people run into when wanting to do some blacksmithing. They don't have a forge and they don't have coal! Well, the Whitlox Homestead company has solved both these problems. How about a small and inexpensive forge that uses regular wood? Great solution. The one pictured here is the mini. They have other sizes too. Seems to be a great idea! Check out their website here for more info

This model is available on amazon.com right here: MINI Whitlox Wood-Fired Forge (Without Blower)

Wood-fired Blacksmith Forge (Fullsize with Stand and Blower)


Ebay of course has lots of forges for sale:

Forges available for sale on ebay








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