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How to Make a ChainMail Coif Part 2

In this part of the tutorial we stitch together the six slices that make the skull cap and we put the coif together


Place two pyramids together

Place two pyramids together. Be sure they are in the exact same oreintation with the rings all leaning in the same direction.

Start stitching them together at the top. Don't connect to the very top ring of each pyramid. Go down one ring on each pyramid and connect them together with a new ring. This connection is at Row 2.


that first stitch.

This closeup shows that first stitch.


second stitch

Now let's add the second stitch. You add a ring and you loop it through three rings. These three rings are one from the left, one from the right, and the ring you had added in the previous step.


add one more ring

Now, once you get the very end of this stitching you should add one more ring to complete the pattern. The picture here shows the final ring added. It is the open ring. Of course you should close it after you add it. But this pattern is now perfect. You can go ahead and add more pizza slices. And the sixth pizza slice will connect to the first one. This forms a complete circle.


Looks great

This is what you end up with. Looks great.

We need to close up the center and we need to test it for size.

This is a bit small for my head so I added a complete row of 4-in-1's all the way around it. You make a chain of 4-in-1's and then add that.


adding a layer around the skullcap

This picture shows me adding a layer around the skullcap.


adding rings along the inside

Now let's close up the hole. We do this by adding rings along the inside. Just one layer of rings will just about close it. You put a ring in and feed it through three of the rings on the coif. Continue to do this all the way around. But, it is important to note that every ring you add feed through one ring that was connected by the previous ring you added.


first ring in place

This picture shows that first ring in place. See how it goes through three rings? Now just close it up.

Think of those three rings you just grabbed. Count them from left to right as 1, 2 and 3.

The next ring you install will go through three rings also. But one of those three rings will be 1 in this picture.

Just continue this pattern all the way around the inside and the hole will be closed up.

Then you can add one more ring to capture all of these you put in. this is like a center ring that holds everything together. And it can be a challenge so you can make and use a larger ring if needed.



Here is a closeup. You have placed all those internal rings. There are six of them. Now you just need to close it up by getting one ring through all six of them! Its challenging and you can always use a larger ring if necessary.


Lay out the skull cap and the skirt

Now just a couple of things remaining. Lay out the skull cap and the skirt (large rectangle) and stitch them together like this. Start on one end and just do 4-1 stitching. Just be sure the pattern of both pieces goes in the same direction.


add the front piece

Once that back skirt is connected you just have to add the front piece where the neck is. And you are done!


ready for battle


Congrats! You are ready for battle. Well, a little bit anyway.



Chainmail coifHow to Make a ChainMail Coif (Headpiece) - Not a difficult project once you know how to make the chainmail loops. I show you the process to make a fitting coif step by step: How to make a ChainMail Coif







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