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How to Make a ChainMail Coif (Headpiece)

This is a tutorial on how to make a chainmail coif. A coif is a headpiece. I show you the components of it and how to put it together.

In this tutorial I don't show you how to make actual chainmail in the 4 in 1 pattern. I do have a tutorial on how to do that right here: How to make chainmail

VIDEO: I also have a video tutorial. It is at the bottom of this page.

And some useful tips: I got some really useful tips from a web visitor (Ivan) when it comes to making a coif and making chainmail in general. If you are making chainmail you should check them out on this page here: Chainmail and coif making tips


Here is a look at the completed coif

The Chainmail coif

The Coif is made up of three different pieces that we can build separately then put together.

The two rectangular pieces are easy and almost self explanatory. The round pizza pie piece which is the skull cap takes a little bit more effort and I willl walk you through that piece step by step.

The sections

First let's take a look at the two rectangular pieces. The large one is the skirt that goes around the back of the head and covers both ears. The small one is the chin piece. These are made up of simple 4 in 1 link sets.

The Direction of the 4 in1 stitching: The pattern should go horizontal. This is important because it makes a difference in how the chainmail will sit and flex when you are wearing it.


The chainmail rectangles

The Large rectangle is 21 4-in-1's in length. And it is 6 4-n-1's in height. It is composed of a total of 126 4-in-1's stitched together.

The small rectangle is 9 4-in-1's in length and 3 4-in-1's in height for a total of 27 4-in-1's.

Note that these numbers are just a rough guideline and how I made my coif. You will probably have to adjust the sizes according to your head and whether or not you want to wear some padding under it.

OK! Now to make the skull cap rounded section. This is the part I call the Pizza. And it is composed of six different pizza slices that you stitch together.

This is the skullcap section.

It is made up of six pizza slices stitched together. I will show you how to make these pizza slices.

The chainmail skullcap

This is the pizza slice that we make. You need to make six of these. And the number and orientation of the links is important. There are nine links along the bottom and there are nine links along each side toward the top.

I did this by laying out chains of four in ones. The next picture will show this. And the gold rings are the rings that I used to attach the chains together. Just so you can see it clearly.

Chainmail pizza slice

This is how I started. Connect together three rows of four in one chains to rougly shape a pyramid.

Create a pyramid

Now I have removed rings from the left side so the first side of the pyramid is in shape. All we have to do now is remove the excess links on the right side and the pyramid is done.

The pyramid


NextOk, lets stitch these six pizza slices together


Chainmail Joe Bright Aluminum 1 Pound Chainmail Jump Rings, 18SWG 1/4"ID

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I also have a video tutorial that shows you how to make this chainmail coif:

Can you make this chainmail coif? You sure can. Here is one made by Robert and it came out great!!


He also made a chainmail cross which is pretty darn cool

Chainmail coif

Battle Ready Armor Chain Mail Coif

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