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More Pictures of Knives made by Web visitors

People have been sending me the pictures of their home made knives and wow we are gathering up a nice collection of them. This page has lots more.

If you make a knife or a sword be sure to send me a picture or two!

My email:


Here is a pair of knives made by Christian. Wow! They have a great look! The first one is called The Venator. My thanks to him for sharing these pics with us!

Here is a karambit made by Josiah. Wow it is coming along great! My thanks to him for sharing this with us and he will send us a picture when it is done. If you want to make a karambit like this my tutorial is here.



Dewey has finished off those beautiful straight razors. This is a lost art you know. It's a bit of a shame that not many people use straight razors anymore. Here is a pic:


Dewey just recently restored one of his straight razors. The handles are ebony, bokote and cocobolo, brass lined razor scales. Wow are these things beautiful. My thanks to him for sharing the picture with us.


Here is a Karambit made by Karl. It came out great and he really got a good look by adding the finger grooves. My thanks to him for sending in the picture!


Here is a knife made by Lee. Wow, it has a great look to it and terrific lines. I like it! He kept me posted on the progress of this knife so I also have here earlier pics so you can see how it progressed. My thanks to Lee for sharing this project with us!

Here it has been rough cut

And here the profile is just about complete.


Here is a knife that Adrian is currently working on. It looks great, is coming along very nice!


Here is a set of spectacular knives made by Dewey. This is a spectacular collection of hand made knives and they include a Searles, the famous buffalo skinner, several damascus steel knives and even a folding knife.

My thanks go to Dewey for this wonderful contribution.


Here is a knife made by Paolo. It came out great and the handle is Black Walnut. My thanks to him for sharing the picture with us. Next he is going to make some chainmail!


Here is a knife made by Tomas. It came out terrific and he followed my step by step tutorial on how to make a knife right here. My thanks go to him for sharing the pic with us! All that remains is for him to oil the handle.


Here is a railroad spike knife made by Adrian. Wow it came out terrific. He also made his own forge. You can check that out on my home made forge page.


Here are some knives made by Tanner! He has done a terrific job and is only 14 years old. So, don't let your age discourage you from making knives. Just be sure to get help! Tanner has a mentor right here to help him.


Here is an astonishingly beautiful knife made by Dewey in memory of his uncle Jim. It sits on Jim's anvil. Wow, this thing is absolutely amazing. It has a stag handle and the blade is made from german (Mercedes spring) steel. He made the fuller with a home made spring forger fuller. It was made with an extra long handle to fit a man with large hands!

He tells us a bit about the making of this knife:

The only part of old Jim I bought was the handle and the pommel I made the guard myself from about 3 or 4 pieces of brass same with. The hex part is 4 pieces of 1/16 brass flat pinned with brass rods. the center of the guard white color is a bunch of silver nickels melted and cast in green sand.



Here are some knives made by Dewey. He has been making knives for over 40 years now and it shows! They are spectacular and are all forged from either 1084 or 1095. The skinner with the Ambrosia Maple handle is from a Mercedes spring. He also has a great knife making tip for us: Another tip is watch for the shadows in the steel before quenching. it looks like a shadow inside moving around this is the carbon in solution. this is the transformation stage.

These knives are currently being worked on by Dewey.


NextMore knife pictures from web visitors here



The Wonder of Knifemaking

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Basic Knife Making: From Raw Steel to a Finished Stub Tang Knife

Learn the craft of knifemaking. 205 color images and step-by-step instructions provide for all stages of construction, from selection of the steel, to forging the blade, assembling the handle, and constructing a holder.






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