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Make a Damascus Steel Knife using the Stock Removal Method: Part 1

This is a knife making tutorial. I show you the stock removal method of making a knife using a blank of damascus steel.

I also show you what damascus steel is and how it is made. And I have links for you to where you can get the steel on amazon.

If you want to make the same knife as I make I have the template for you right here.

Will has a youtube channel with over 700 videos on projects you can make. Check it out right here

And I have two video tutorials for this project at the bottom of the page.



Here are some steels that you can order.

- If you always wanted to make a damascus knife but didn't want to make the Damascus steel yourself this is the perfect opportunity. Damascus Knife Making Knives Blank Blade Billet Bar Steel Blanks Layers Ladder



Damascus Large Tactical Knife Blank Blade Hunting Skinning Skinner Steel 1095HC

This blade is handmade from 1095 steel and 15n20. As you may know, 1095 is a traditional and sought after American high carbon steel that is prized for knife blades. It is hardened to about 57-60 on the Rockwell C scale (HRC). This blade is a serious blade that will work well for hunting and fishing. It can be easily sharpened at home or in the field, and will hold an edge very well. It is genuine layered damascus steel (not fake or imitation damascus). Blank may require additional sharpening.


Damascus Knife Making Knives Blank Blade Billet Bar Blade Steel Layers Raindrop




About buying and working these steels. If you buy a rectangular block it is annealled. That means it is softened and workable with hand tools and that is very important. It is steel! That means you can easily hacksaw it, cut it, grind it, file it, etc. But that also means that once you are done with it you have to harden and temper it! Otherwise it won't be a strong knife and it won't maintain it's sharpness. No worries though. I will show you how to take care of all these things in this tutorial.


Tools and Materials

  • Materials:
  • 1 blank knife billet (of damascus steel)
  • A piece of hardwood for the handle ( or following my clear resin handle stuff)
  • Amazing Mold putty to make a mold of the handle
  • Amazing Clear Cast to make the clear acrylic handles
  • About 6 inches of 1/4" brass rod for the pins
  • About 6 inches of 1/8" steel rod to pin the finger guard
  • Hacksaw, mill files
  • emory paper
  • 4" belt sander (optional)



Interested in what damascus steel actually is? I have more about it right here.




Let's Begin!

The first thing you need to do is draw out your knife. Keep it within the size of your blank of steel. How do you want the knife to look? How much blade? How much handle? Put your hand on that drawn handle. Would it be large enough?

If you have never done any knifemaking or metal work I recommend you keep it very simply with a minimal of sharp curves and angles. This is because sharp curves are more challenging to cut.

I did a whole lot of drawings just letting the creativity flow.




And finally I settled on this. I like it. It has a bit of curve to it but it isn't too crazy. Should function well as a knife and be comfortable.






If you want to make the same knife as I have made here I have the template for you. The Damascus Steel knife template is here



NextOk, let's get to the making of the knife! (continue)



The Video Tutorials are on this page here


The Wonder of Knifemaking

Master smith Wayne Goddard is an icon in the field of knife making. As a full-time maker, teacher and writer, Goddard works as hard to teach knife making skills as he does to acquire them. His affiliation with BLADE Magazine has brought new and interesting information, tips and tricks to thousands of would-be knife makers. Other popular titles from Goddard include The Wonder of Knifemaking (2000) and $50 Knife Shop (2001 and 2006).



Tutorial on Knifemaking - This tutorial is comeplete. It shows you how to make a real knife without all the forging! You just need some basic tools. making a knife using the stock removal method.




Knife King "Baby Blue" Custom Damascus Handmade Folding Knife. Comes with a sheath.

Blade: 3.5 inch handle 4.75 inch. Full damascus knife. Comes with a sheath.


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