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Make Sting from the Hobbit

This is a step by step tutorial on how to make the hobbit sword "Sting" from the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. I make it out of steel and wood. And most of it just uses plain hand tools. I do use the forge to harden and temper the steel.

If you came here from youtube thanks! Give me a day to do this tutorial.

I also have the video tutorial on making this project. You can watch it at the bottom of this page.

If you want to make this sword I have the template for it right here. (pdf)




The completed Sword


Overview of this project

There are four distinct and major parts to this sword: the blade, the handle, the guard and the pommel. There are also three minor design parts to this sword including the leaf pattern on the handle and the inscription on the blade and the guard. I will walk you through all these steps and how to put the whole thing together.

So Here is the basic process by the steps:

  1. Make the steel blade part
  2. Harden and temper that steel so it is battle worthy (technically this is an extra step that you don't have to do )
  3. Make the Guard
  4. Make the Pommel
  5. Make the handle
  6. Put it all together
  7. Finish up the detail work

The first thing we do is start with some drawings so we can conceptualize and figure things out. When working with steel you don't have a whole lot of wiggle room for mistakes so you have to figure out things ahead of time. It makes the job so much easier.

Here is my first drawing and notes on how I am going to make the sword. I start to figure out what parts there are to it. And I figure out the process of how I will make it.

First drawing of Sting


Full size drawing

Once I have figured out most of the details and shape of it I drew out an actual size drawing of the blade/tang steel part. This is to exact scale so we can use it to make the steel version.







The full size drawing

Here is the full size drawing. We will need to transfer this drawing to our piece of steel.






Tracing paper

We do this with tracing paper. I laid tracing paper on top and traced out the outline of the blade and tang.








glue to the steel

Then I cut out that pattern and glued it right onto the steel.





Let's take a look at the steel:

I used a tool steel called "O1" which is pretty good for swords and knives and tends to be really good for shorter blades like knives and a short sword like this one.

This is the exact piece of steel I ordered for this project (From Amazon): O1 Tool Steel Sheet, Precision Ground, Annealed, 1/8" Thickness, 3" Width, 36" Length


NextLet's continue with this project


You can watch the video tutorial:



United Cutlery UC1264 LOTR Sting - The Sword of Frodo Baggins

  • 22-Inch overall length
  • 15-Inch blade length
  • AUS-6 stainless steel etched blade
  • Solid metal guard and pommel
  • Wood display with wood grain finish and silk screen graphic



Make Sting from the Hobbit out of foamboard or cardboard

With the new Hobbit movie just coming out this is a great time to make yourself sting. I give you the template to make it so easy. ! Make Sting out of cardboard or foamboard



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